Crafting time is ‘Me’ time!

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Crochet Bunting Tutorial

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1 hour crafting projects

Good Evening Crafters,

I’m thrilled to see that my ramblings are being seen across the pond! Hello World

In todays post I’m focussing on projects (sewing, crochet, knitting ect) that are great for when you have a spare hour and want to get creative, or when you need a last minute present for someone (because we know that homemade is best)!

1.The one hour crochet cowl scarf


I’ve made several of these, for myself and as presents – they look amazing in a chunkcy yarn with a big hook (i’ve used a 9mm hook). I’ve also made a double length one to be wrapped twice, but that look a bit longer.

Just start with a chain until you’re happy with the length, i’ve found that between 55-65 chain stitches are about perfect, but obviously it’s down to preference.Then two more chains to make the height,  and then start double crochet stitching (missing the ‘first’ stitch after moving upwards), to whatever thickness you want. Really simple, you can either add buttons to attach the two ends and make the cowl (no need to add button holes!), or stitch together.

2. The one hour Knitted Hat

A perfect addition to your winter wardrobe – and so easy to do in an hour.


Please see the excellent tutorial for this from Craftsy  – she perfectly describes how to achieve this great project!

3. One hour Monster Friend

I’ve used this free pattern from Revoluzzza several times, but I’ve also adapted it, and created my own using the same principles – of a simple easy to sew shape – and tactfully used applique. The size is also something I’ve played around with, as well as different patterned fabrics – I’m working on a patchwork variation at the moment in pinks for a 1 hour girly birthday gift. 


4. Quick cross stitch

Traditionally cross stitch can take a long time to achieve, but there are some great patterns out there, that when done on a large sized aida are extremely effective. I search free cross stitch patterns on Pinterest when I’m looking for a quick project and there are always loads out there, something for everyone. Featured in on of my previous posts is the Grumpy cat cross stitch I made for my brother, it took me about an hour and is fantastic.  – I’m afriad I don’t have a pettern for this one, as I did it from a picture I found on the web, but feel free to print the below picture – you can make out the stitch counts.


5. Mini Pocketbook organiser

I love this organiser, I have one in my handbag, and have made variations  – including a large one for work, big enough to insert an A4 refil pad in one side. These also make a great gift, as they can be easily personalised – I’ve added applique and embroidered names ect before too. Valerie from Insatiable Need, does a great tutorial here, including step by step pictures.


I hope you enjoy these one hour makes, and they inspire you to see how you can take someones idea and personalise it to make it unique.


Happy Crafting x