My Favourite Craft Blogs

Good Morning Crafters,

I thought in this Blog post, I would pay homage to some of the Blogs that really inspire me and that helped create the brand of crafter that I am today. So this will be a nice and simple one for your perusal, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

1. I consider Craft Blog UK to be my base camp, it’s got amazing posts and can direct you to here there and everywhere!

2. I also love Future Girl, fill of great tips and full picture tutorials.

3. Positively Splendid is a fantastic blog, full of crafting excellence (and the ocassional amazing recipe).

4. Crocheting the day away is a dream of a  site, As i’m sure you have guessed Crochet is a serious addiction of mine!

5. For a geeky vibe, I love Wee Little Stitches a cracking Cross Stitch Blog.

I hope you enjoy these, and please feel free to share any of your favourites!


Happy Crafting x

Hoops Galore!

A recent trend I’ve begun to notice is the use of embroidery hoops as a way of framing or creating crafting art! I love this idea, I often find that a cross stitch looks even better when held taut in a hoop, so it’s no wonder that these are used as a great way of displaying and creating beautiful things to look at. So please see below some of the best and most unique hoop-related ideas, for your inspiration.

1. The crochet hoop
I’ve seen this several times, and have made one if these myself. It’s a lovely way to create a different feel and to enhance a frame. Here’s a great tutorial from Homemakery to talk you through how to crochet the hoop. My only advice would be to use a small hook and slim yarn, to try to keep the delicate look of this one.


2. The fabric hoop

I love the idea of bringing hoops into the rest of the house, not just in the craft room. I think this collection makes for a beautiful addition, and I love that this side of craftiness I’d going main stream! Once again my only advice would be to make sure you glue the fabric to the frame (to the inner hoop) to ensure it doesn’t slip and skew the pattern when you’re maneuvering  the hoops. I’m currently working on a collection for our spare bedroom using vintage fabrics that I find at fairs.



3. Hoops as storage

This is something I’ve noticed more and more. There are so many possibilities out there, and even I’ve tried my hand at this (making a hoop for my fiancé to hold his paint brushes, using a 9″ hoop). And I’ve found they’re a great way to make mini memo boards, like the one in my last post! I also love the below, picture mobile idea – it would also be a great way to create a baby’s cot mobile, maybe with some crocheted animals.



4. 3D embroidery

Embroidery is something that I do not do enough of, and I absolutely love the new trend of 3D and multiple hoop embroidery! The below ‘up’ themed scene us one if my absolute favourites, unfortunately I don’t know who created this amazing piece as I found it on Pinterest  (so if by chance anyone in here knows, please tell me so I can credit them!)


5. Cross Stitch

And of course my favourite use of a good old hoop is for framing a beautiful Cross stitch! (Just like the one I’ve just finished below for a friends kitchen!) I find that a well chosen ribbon or even just plain and traditional, hoops can make all the difference!


I hope you’ve been inspired by the possibilities of hoops, and please feel free to share any great ideas you have.

Happy crafting x

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