Crochet mania!

Good morning and welcome to the weekend!

My husband isn’t very well this weekend so I’m going to take the opportunity to for bit of a spring clean and catch up on some crafting. You see I had a bit of a moment this week, I feel out of love with crochet! Though I’m not sure it was really crochet’s fault….

On Thursday I spent 3 hours untangling yarn, somehow in the middle of the ball it had turned into a mass of chaos! It drove me mad! Crochet Mania!

Now that I’ve had a good nights sleep and can start afresh (and because I’m so close to finishing my cardigan!) I’m ready to pick up my hook and get going! I sometimes have to remind myself it’s a hobby not a chore, so if I don’t feel like doing it for a few days that’s ok…

Hope you all have a lovely weekend of crafting!


Flamingo fever!

Flamingos are very ‘in’ this year, they’re everywhere… in the shops, on my pj’s and in the August addition of Cross Stitcher Mag!

I love Cross Stitcher Mag, it’s my go to magazine and one stop shop for patterns. I always find it to have a more modern yet traditional feel and there are always more patterns I want to do than I could ever get round to.

I saw the pattern and decided to elaborate a bit…

Ready to be framed and gifted out!

This issue is full of lovely patterns and ideas, so well worth a look and the teaser page for the next issue looks great! Loads of autumny things to make

Happy Crafting!

Make it and more – Swindon

So today I trotted off to Swindon to visit the ‘Make it and More’ fair and overall a little disappointing…. not the best start to my Christmas making spree!

There were however a few very good stalls (pictures below), so it wasn’t a complete bust!

Now time to settle down to my latest project.

Happy Crafting!

Let the countdown begin!

It’s that time of year again, we’re just leaving summer and all of a sudden you realise you have less than 16 weeks to make any homemade crafty gifts!!!!!!

I normally make an array of gifts and new decorations, so I’ll need to get a wiggle on!

I’m starting my preparations by going to a crafters fair today, I can get some inspiration maybe get some supplies and I am super excited!!!! If you’re in the southwest of the UK, it’s called ‘Make it! And more’ and is at STEAM in Swindon.

Happy crafting!

It’s been a while…

Good Morning Crafters,

It’s been a while…. I’ve been very busy crafting up a storm for our very DIY homemade wedding later this year. But with the bulk of it done, it’s time I start writing, posting and crafting again! 
I’m going to start thinking of some interesting things to talk about and will be back very soon, in the meantime please see a few little projects I’ve done recently!

Happy Crafting! X