Crochet mania!

Good morning and welcome to the weekend!

My husband isn’t very well this weekend so I’m going to take the opportunity to for bit of a spring clean and catch up on some crafting. You see I had a bit of a moment this week, I feel out of love with crochet! Though I’m not sure it was really crochet’s fault….

On Thursday I spent 3 hours untangling yarn, somehow in the middle of the ball it had turned into a mass of chaos! It drove me mad! Crochet Mania!

Now that I’ve had a good nights sleep and can start afresh (and because I’m so close to finishing my cardigan!) I’m ready to pick up my hook and get going! I sometimes have to remind myself it’s a hobby not a chore, so if I don’t feel like doing it for a few days that’s ok…

Hope you all have a lovely weekend of crafting!


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