Tutorials for two 10 minute Crochet Christmas Decorations

Good Afternoon Crafters,

With Christmas fast approaching, now is the time to get all of your decorations made. I love to include a little homemade gift in the cards I send out, and these two tutorials are perfect. They both take about 10 minutes to make, and look lovely and festive (and they could both be made into bunting if you wanted!).

Christmas Tree Decoration

The start of this pattern is pretty much the same as the crochet bunting tutorial I did last month, but for those of you who haven’t read it, please see the steps below.

1. – Choose a hook and yarn, the thicker the yarn and hook the bigger your decoration will be with the same amount of rounds.

2. – Slip knot onto the hook, and Start a Chain of 4, do a slip-stitch to make a cirle.

photo 1 (4)

3. – Then, do a chain of 3, then 2 double crochets, chain 1, then 3 double crochets, chain 1, then 3 double crochets, chain 1 and join in the top stitch of the first double crochet chunk with a slip stitch.

photo 2 (4)photo 3 (4)

4. – Then Chain 4 for the next (this will make up one double crochet in that gap, and 1 chain across). When you are on this round, each gap is a corner, so that means 2 sets of 3 double crochets with 1 chain inbetween them in each gap (pictures below).

photo 4 (4)

5. – Then repeat this process until you get around to the first chain you did on this round (you will only need to do a set of 3 double crochets, chain 1 and 2 double crochets as the first chain will make the 3rd double crochet).

photo 1 (2)

6. Do as many rounds as you like, I did 3 in the one in the pictures.

7. When you have joined the end with a slip stitch and are happy with the size, simply chain 3 and do 2 double crochets into each of the stitched on the bottom to make the trunk of the tree.

photo 2 (2)photo 3 (2)

8. Then chain a loop at the top of the tree and add any decoration you like, and there you have it!

photo 4 (2)

Mini wreath decoration

1. Chain 18 and slip stitch to create a loop.

photo 1 (3)photo 2 (3)

2. In the same stitch as your slip stitch do a single crochet, and then a single crochet in each chain until you get to the first again and slip stitch to join.

photo 3 (3)

3. In the next stitch do 4 double crochet, miss a stitch and slip stitch in the next. Repeat this the whole way around.

photo 4 (3)

4. Slip stitch to join, and then chain enough to make a loop to hang the decoration from.

photo 1

5. Get a large needle and sew a contrasting piece of yarn through and secure with a bow (as per the picture below), and there you are.

photo 2photo 3 photo 4

I hope you have enjoyed these 2 super quick tutorials, now get making!

Happy Crafting x



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