Crafting time is ‘Me’ time!

Good Afternoon Crafters,

Is there anything better than getting stuck into a truly wonderful project? I find that Crafting, whether it be a huge cross stitch or a simple crochet, takes me off to a place of Bliss. It is my ‘Me’ time. And with that in mind, this blog entry is going to focus on little quick makes just for you, that can make your ‘Me’ time even better.

Homemade scents

The scent of a room is really important to me, if I had my way I’d have Christmas smelling candles all year round (It’s my favourite smell, all the spices)! And I know, I can hear some of you saying, I don’t want my fabrics smelling like oranges or vanilla. But for me, ‘Me’ time wouldn’t be perfect without a delicious smell in the air. There are so many tutorials out there, but this one from Town and Country Living is fab. To buy the bits and bobs needed, really isn’t expensive and these also make great gifts. If all of this looks a little too tricky, or you don’t like burning candles, why not try making your own difuser? Practically Functional have a great one here, and they are equally as lovely.


Pin Cushion

Every crafter, can make use of a pin cushion. Even when I crochet I always have my yarn needle shoved into one, and likewise when I’m cross stitching, I have one lined up with all the colours i’m using, for the purpose of quick changes. There are 2 types you can go for, on the wrist or not, and I’ve found great tutorials and tip for making both. I love this free patten and tutorial from Dolls and Daydreams for a wrist and finger pin cushion, but I also love the simplicity and beauty of these from Tea Rose Home. As far as pin cushion go, the sky is the limit I love this mouse one (pictured below) from The Long Thread.


Homemade Slippers

No Comfortable expereince would be truly great without a good pair of slippers, at least I think so. I love to feel warm and cozy and my feet are always chilly, so what better thing to gift yourself than a lovely homemade pair of slippers. I have several pairs made from this tutorial from Moogly, and I also have a pair that I fleece lined, by making the slippers just a little bigger than needed and turning them inside out and securing.

Memo board

In my opinion memo boards are something to be had in every room of the house (as I’m sure I’ve said in a previous post)! They allow you to express your self, and are a great way to keep track of all the ideas you have and projects you want to do. They’re super easy to make, as outlined in my blog post ‘A homemade Home’ in a few very simple steps.



Cushions are a great way to make any space feel homely, and in my craft room I have several homemade creations. Whether they be pain-stakingly cross stitched, crocheted or sewed, a beautiful homemade cushion is something to be proud of. Please see the below list of great tutorials for home made cushions;

1. For a quick no-sew solution go to Hi Sugar Plum

2. Four Leaf Cushions from mmm Crafts

3. A lovely Wreath cushion from Homey Home Design

4. For a lovely crochet square cushion tutorial go to Lavendar and Wild Rose

5. And finally These super cute owls from The Eternal Thread


Mug and Teapot Cozies

A truly great crafting session has to come hand in hand with a lovely cup of tea. So what better to make than a teapot cozy or something lovely to cozy up your mug to keep it nice and warm. I recently saw an amazinf pineapple kintted teapot cozy, which (with my limited knitting ability) I don’t think I could achieve in my wildest dreams, but there are simple ones out there. I love this pattern from Crochet with Raymond. And as far as mug cozies go there is so much choice and variation out there, i’d say, go get on pinterest and hunt something lovely down. Just search ‘Crochet mug cozy’ or ‘Mug Cozy’ in and you’ll get a host of results.

Well I hope you have enjoyed this post, now off you go and have some ‘Me’ time.

Happy Crafting x




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