The Four Seasons of a Homemade Wedding

Good Afternoon Crafters,

My lovely fiance and I are geting married next year, as soon as we got engaged I started to dream up all the posibilities for a homemade wedding. We have now set the date, and are getting married in late Autumn, but before the date was set I had a very through look into the best crafting touches for a wedding of every season. Below are some of the lovliest ideas I’ve seen that I thought I could share (some of them would make lovely home furnishings too), all of whic are super easy to recreate for your big day!


The very season lends itself to pastel colours and floral flourishes! Spring weddings can be truely beautiful, and the most beautiful of all are of course those that have the all important homemade touches. A big trend for weddings at this time of year appears to be bunting. Now, it’s no secret I love bunting I would use it all year if I could, but there is something about a little (or a lot) of a beautiful delicate bunting, to make the big day perfect. Bunting is so easy to make that any family member could help out!

Seed Wedding favours – a gorgeous idea perfect for a spring wedding; something the guests can take home, and use to ‘watch your love grow’.



Summer weddings are all about being out doors and are also perfect for anyone who loves a good splash of colour! They are great for making use of the long summer evenings and lovely for clear blue sky photos. There are losts of crafting posibilies for this seaons, in particular using fruit in centrepieces appears to be a huge trend (photo below).

DIY wedding alter/ Aisle Arch – I plan on having one of these at my wedding (indoors of course), but these are absolutely wonderful for summer weddings as you can take advantage of using them outside, as a frame to a beautiful backdrop. Decorating acrches couldn’t be easier, the outline is there for you, all you need to do is decoration the gaps!



We have gone for a rustic autumn leaves theme with our wedding, and I plan on making everything myself, and anything brought in will (fingers crossed) be handmade too.

Homemade pine cone centrepieces – Autumn weddings are all about the nature and the colours of the time of year, great for photos and great for a ready-made colours scheme. The below centrepiece I love, becuase it’s simple and rustic and shows off all the season has on offer. We also plan on using pine cones as place card holders (they’re so versitile!), i’ve put a picture below for this too, they’re super versitile, and can be picked up for bargain prices online.



Winter weddings can be truely beautiful, and there are so many options. You can go with a full on Christmas theme, or winter wonderland….. the ready made themes go on and on. We were looking at a winter wedding originally, but decided to go a litte earlier in the year. I love the posibilities of a winter wedding, and my top favourite theme is the red berry.

I love fresh flower and foliage headbands any time of year, but in winter, it just adds a little sense of the traditional, and super easy to make to – there are loads of tutorials online.I also find a huge trend for winter weddings is adding a touch fo glam to a winter wonderland, so easy to do as shown in the below pic, and faux pearls like this are availbale in most crafting shops.


I hope this entry has helped to get the inspiration juices flowing, after all there is nothing that can make you wedding more special than knowing the people you love around you can help you to DIY it!

Happy Crafting x


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