Homemade Christmas Gifts

Good Morning Crafters,

With only 96 days until Christmas day and 72 until the start of advent, now is the time to get making.In the past I left my Christmas making until Decemeber, but quickly realised that not only did I not get everything finished, but all the best supplies are gone from the craft shops. My number one advice about homemade Christmas gifts is to start now! Sometimes they can take and while to complete, but starting now means you have the luxury of time and it leaves the time in December to make extra lovely things for your home. When you look on the internet there are so many choices for homemade Christmas gifts, from elaborate ones to little ones you can give as stocking fillers or hostess gifts. In this blog I hope to show the variety, and my favourites to give you some inspiration to get making.

Homemade Snow Globes make a great gift for kids and adults alike, and you can pretty much use anything you like to decorate them. They are also super easy to personalise. All you need is a cleaned out Glass jar (or plasic if it’s for the kids), your choice od decorations, glue, water, glitter, and a few drops of lyquid glycerin. Start by gluing your decorations to the inside of the lid, letting them dry, then fill the jar almost to the top with water. Next drop in the glitter and liquid glycerin, then carefully pop the lid on and secure tightly. Et voilĂ , a beautiful gift. I normally decorate the outside as well, adding ribbon and some more glitter!

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The Christmas season is all about children (in our house it all about big kids!), and there are so many amazing things you can make for children or for them to help you make. I’ve listed a few of the best ones (in my opinion) below.

This felt Hot Chocolate set from Make the Best of Everything is adorable, a great homemade gift for any little one that loves playing ‘grown-ups’ or ‘shops’ or something of that ilk.


A memory Christmas mmory game, Crazy Little Projects offer this great printable sheet for a super quick way to make this. But for a real homemade feel if you had the time, little Christmas cross stitches would be super cute or crate your own, with pictures from around your festive home decorations. Or as variation of this, you would make Christmas bingo boards.


Homemade crayons area great way to up-cycle any broken crayons you have laying about, and make for a great stocking filler. The Idea Room show exactly home to make these one, but for a more festive feel try making different shapes (I have a christmas tree shaped tin).


Fort/Castle/ Anything kits, this is one of my favourite ideas for a gift for kids. It’s something that will let them use their imagination, and you can jazz it up for Christmas too, perhaps a lapland grotto or Santa’s workshop kit. All you need are sheets, a little rope (please supervize the little ones) or perhaps some tent poles, a torch, and some decorations. I used to love making a den in the living room when I was a kid, so this idea is just full of excitement.


I could go on about kids gifts forever – but generally speaking there are so many idea out there on the internet, it would only take moments to find something to fit every personality.

I always think that decorations make a gift, they’re small and quick to make most of the time, and they are something that can be used year after year for the recipient. Below is a great picture tutorial for a quick and easy idea – I would also sew on some sequins or little jingle bells for a festive feel. Or jazz them up even more like the hessian look decorations below, this is a great base to let your imagination run free!


Winter is the time of the Mug Cozy, and they make a great gift for your friend at work or as a little advent gift for someone to use in the lead up to the big day. For me crochet is the best way to achieve these, it doesn’t take long and it create a substantial item, but if you knit or if you quilt, they would also make cute little cozys. The below striped cozy is a super cute free pattern from Ashley Ziman on Ravelry. I’ve also included the below idea, which is simply two pieces of fabric and a button (I would probably put in a thin layer of wadding for comfort).


Well I hope you’ve enjoyed this first installment of my homemdade Christmas gifts series. I’m off to start on some mug cozy’s.

Happy Crafting x


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