The wonders of Cross Stitch

Good Evening Crafters,

My first love in crafting was of course the good old sewing machine, and all the little projects I made as a kid. But the second is undoubtably cross stitch! When I graduated I decided I needed to get back into doing something in my time off, and cross stitch seemed like the logical option. It can be quite cheap to do, a project can last ages or only a few hours depending on the pattern you choose, and they are hugely satisfying (and if you’re a perfectionist like me, everything being measured and in little perfect squares, is a dream). All in all, cross stitch is a pretty good craft for anyone, and something I enjoy and would reccommend. This post will focus on some of the trends in cross stitch, and where the best places are to get patterns, either free or paid for.

Ironic Cross Stitch

I’ve talked about these before in earlier posts, with examples such as the Grumpy Cat (still one of my favourites, simple but very effective). Iron cross stitches are great, as they not only fit in with the modern look, so you can display them in your home without looking like you’re in a 50’s country and western movie. But, they also break down some of the stereotypes of cross stitch, but being something you would never expect. I especially love the ones that look like they could be a standard sampler, but have a hidden message or image.



Another huge trend is the minimalist cross stitch, this might be a simple but effective image, the use of colour, or a design that is all in one colour (I love Anything By Marjorie Massey). I think that this trend, once again fits in perfectly with modern styles, and also is easy enough for even a beginner to achieve. I love this Etsy store SugarStitchByEllie , but as I always say there are so many free patterns and ideas out there you don’t need to pay if you don’t want to.

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Call me ‘Old Fashioned’, but I do sill love a good home-style sampler, especially a Christmas one. It takes the craft right back to it’s roots, and actually the old-style look is very popular now, with loads of new addtions of old cross stitch books, and old patterns being made into downloadable PDFs. Once again, Marjorie Massey has some beautiful designs for samplers, look out for her book ‘Made in France’. But I also find loads of great idea out there, and have often taken its and pieces from lots of different designs and made my own, to incorporate all the items I like (one of the plus point of samplers too). Here is a lovely free pattern from EMS Cross Stitch design – it is the blue one below. I have to say, I also love the traditional winter design below, it is a bit more complex, but the outcome is lovely.



I also love the array of seasonal cross stitches available out there, obviously Christmas and holiday based ones are my favourite (and I would quite happily do them all year!), But I think these can make a great gift for someone, as a ‘get well’ or as a Birthday gift. There is something out there to suit everyone, so why should they not fit with the time of year?!


I hope that these have inspired you to get stitching, as always pinterest is great for inspiration and some great free patterns. And my number one piece of advice for any new stitcher is to make sure all of your crosses go in the same direction, making sure all of the tops of the crosses point the same way. I wish I had been told that straight off of the bat!

Happy Crafting x


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