Quick Autumn Makes

Good Afternoon Crafters,


I love this time of year, the evenings start to close in, the colours start to change and there is a feel in the air of anticipation. For me Autumn is the most beautiful season, where the weather isn’t too harsh, but you can start to crack out all your  homemade clothes and accessories. This season truly inspires, so please see below some of my favourite quick autumn makes.


Leaf candle holders

These are so easy to make, and when combined with several others they add a great autumn feel to any home. It’s basically leaf decoupage,  All you need are some carefully selected autumn leaves, a glass item of your choosing (I’ve made big and little) and some PVA glue. First, go and select some beautiful autumn leaves (the brighter the colours, the better), next make sure your glassware is nice and clean and dry. Now, start gluing, I start at the bottom and work my way, evenly spreading the leaves across the glass, I tend to water the glue down a little bit, to make it easier to mould it to the glass shape. Work your way up until you are happy with the coverage, I like to leave a few gaps in between the leaves so the candle light can more easily twinkle through. If you’d like a bit more of a step by step visual guide then Happiness is homemade is a good one.



Autumn scent bags

This time of year, I like to start introducing some more autumnal smalls into my home. The best way I find, is to create something similar to the lavender bags you may have in your clothes drawers. It only takes two pieces of fabric and a bit of ribbon, and something that smells nice. I tend to fill it with cinnamon scented pot-pouri  and then once made drip on a few drops of orange essential oils. Pop on the radiator, and as the room warms up, so the smell spreads. Creating a homely and lovely feel.



Autumn Bunting

This can be done in two ways, and I like to keep it as simple as possible; The first ways is, to go and find autumn leaves, let them dry fully, cover each side in PVA glue and let it dry until hard and glossy. Then simply string them together with a large darning needle and ribbon. Or the second method, is to use felt to create autumn leaves, and string them together. Both create equally lovely homemade decorations, perfect for any home. But if you like a more polished look to your garland perhaps if it’s a gift, then here is a fantastic tutorial from Maureen Cracknell.

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Autumn cushion

I love applique cushions, and have several summery ones with bunting on as well as Christmas ones with puddings on. So why not have an Autumn set, with Trees and leaves and the like. I love to make these, as you can use all of the scraps of fabric you have left over from other projects – they are also quick and easy to make, and as with the majority of the ideas on this post you don’t need any fancy kit, not even a sewing machine. I find it best to first sketch out on the cushion cover (either homemade as they take 10 minutes to make, or shop bought), then start to place the leaf shapes on and move them about until you are happy with them. Here’s a great tutorial from Pick up some creativity and a few of my favourite looks are below.

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I hope you have enjoyed this post, and are now full of autumnal inspiration.


Happy Crafting x


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