The brilliance of buttons

Good Afternoon Crafters,

When I’m looking for a quick project, or a great way to use the bits and bobs I already have lying around. I tend to reach for my button jars, and see where the inspiration takes me. They come in so many shapes and colours, that there will be something out there for everyone. And with a bit of a thrifty attitude button crafting can be a very cost effective way of jazzing up any existing project or making something new and lovely.

Button bowls

These are supprisingly easy to achieve, and all you need is some clear drying glue, some cling-film, something to mould the shape around, and of course buttons. First upturn your bowl, and wrap in the cling-film, then start to lay the buttons down and glue them together. I also smooth a layer of the glue over the buttons once they are all in place, the simply leave to dry (i’d say a good couple of hours to be safe). Finally once dry, take it off of the bowl and peel off the cling-film. Voia’!


Button Art

There are loads of ideas out there for making Art with buttons, but the essential idea is to get your backing board (if it’s going to be in a frame) or canvas, lightly sketch out your design and then get sticking. Please see some of my favouite ideas below;


ca085eff1ded31b236294c315ca7d6a85ebb13e5bdfed854af0c9a0dfc7ce401 bef98e46a40cd89408c96c04ab70f7b8

Button Acessories

This is s simple and easy way to make unique addtions to any look. The easiest one to start with are simple hair clips (lovely for kids), simply lay the clip flat and glue the button/buttons on, and there you go. I also the love the look of button necklaces – here is a great turorial (with pictures) from Adventures of a DIY mom.

how to make a button necklace (1)

Button Decorations

I couldn’t resist adding this in, I love this decoration idea, and while this one is a Christmas wreath decoration – you could make summery ones too! All you need is a length of wire bent into a circle (I find wrapping the wire around a glass tightly is the best way to get an even shape), some ribbon for the top and for the hanging hoop, and once again of course buttons! Once you’re happy with the shape of your wire, there are two ways you can add the buttons, 1. slide them on side ways as seen in the left-hand-side picture or carefully thread them on flat, as seen in the other picture. Obviously the second option uses less buttons, and can be less time consuming, it also allows you to show of the buttons, so if you have any really pretty ones.



I hope you’ve enjoyed my homage to the brilliance of buttons, and it inspires you to use all the ones you have left over from all your other projects.


Happy Crafting x



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