Crochet Couture

Good Evening Crafters,

Today’s blog is going to focus on some inspiration for making your own crochet clothing, accessories and wearable couture. I firmly believe that crochet is a great way to make unique and amazing bits and bobs for yourself (and others), and there is something for every skill level and style. I first started making my own crochet couture relatively recently, but now i’m hooked. I have a head band in every colour, several lovely jumpers, scarfs galore and boot toppers to snaz up any outfit. As well as my own wardrobe needs, i’ve also done several projects for new babies (at least half of the making time taken up by awwwing at how small the items are) and gifts for friends.

1. The crochet knot headband/earwarmer

Perfect for the colder months (or even at the moment if you walk to work in the early morning chill like me), these are a great statement item. That can be made in any colour and pretty much any stitch, a great starting project for someone who has never crocheted before but wants to do a quick and easy project. Just adjust the below instirctions depending on the size required (i.e for a baby’s head).


First, chain do a slipknot onto the hook (in this picture i’ve used a 4mm hook) then chain enough to go around your head with a slightly tighter feel. Then, chain two more upfor the height, and get double crochet stitching into each chain the whole way along. I did 5 rows of dc in for this band, but it just depends on how thick/thin you want it. Next, stitch the two ends together using the tail, once sewn, pinch together slightly to create a bow-type-look and stitch in place, put to one side. You then need to start a new chain of nine, miss the first two chains closest to the hook and start double crochet stitching into each chain, and repeat rows, I did 7 rows for this bit, but just make sure it’s enough to wrap around where you have pinched in on the larger band. Then place this around the band to cover the join and middle of the pinch and stitch. And hey presto! One headband!

2.Crochet Poncho

I love crochet clothes, I’ve made several jumpers and poncho style items as well. There are loads of patterns both free and paid-for out there, so there will be something to suit every style. I love this one from AllFreeCrochet, and it is next on my list for the making. The cowl neck style is something I find to be flattering and snuggly for the cooler weather.


3. The cowl scarf

I have mentioned this in a previous post (1 hour crafting projects) so won’t dwell, but they really are a super easy crochet project that can be made to any size to suit any need. The steps are essentially the same as the above headband, just on a larger scale. I love the below one, made with a 9mm hook and a chunky yarn.



4. Crochet slipper boots

Perfect as a (Christmas) present or just as a little treat for yourself, these slippers and ideal for the cooler months and they can be easily lined in fleece if desired – simply by making the fleecy boot (and making the crochet boot slightly larger to compensate) turning it so the hemmed side faces inward and sttaching to the top of the crochet bootie. There are lots of patterns out there but I love this one from Crochetdreamz

Classic Boots Crochet pattern

5. Crochet fingerless gloves

These are once again a great gift idea, but also make for a good winter staple. This tutorial (complete with pictures) from Breezybot is fantastic and easy to follow. I’ve made ones before with little ‘hoods’ that fold over and cover your fingers, secured with a button on one side and stiched on the other.



I hope you’ve enjoyed these crochet ideas, and are all converted the the ‘crochet is best’ and homemade fashion philosophy I live my life by!

Happy Crafting x


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