A Homemade Home

Hello Crafters,

As we start to move closer to Autumn, I always start thinking more about what I can do to prepare my home. Do I need another blanket? Does the spare bedroom need a quilt? Do I need more cushions for the living room? Any thing to make it more comfy-cozy in the cooler weather. So please see the below makes, That I think every home needs for to brace against the cold!


1. A Homemade Patchwork Quilt

I made my first patchwork quilt the first Autumn after I graduated. I decided that I needed a project to show my new ‘grown-up’ homemaker status, and I still have it and love it! Quilts come in every shape, size, colour and style, and they really can be anything you want – as seen in at the recent quilting show, here in the UK.

You can either use great patterns, like this one from MissMackCreations or do what I do, and just find fabric that you like, and see where it takes you.



2. Fabric Wreath

I know that sometimes these can look more at home in a little girls’ bedroom, but I think a tastefully made wreath can add a huge amount of character to a room. And I firmly believe that these are great for all year round, not just the holiday season (depending on the fabric of course)! They’re quick and simple to make, thanks to the new polystrene rings available at most good crafting shops.



3. Knitted Cushions

These are a great touch for every room, and with all the patterns out there, there’s something for everyone. Easy to make, these would make a great project for beginners (with simple stitches), and they are another project that you can adapt as much as you like! I love this pattern from Yarnspirations , but there are loads of free patterns out there – and something for everyone. And for those of you who crochet, there are tons of crochet cushion cover patterns out there too (like this granny square one from handmadebyria)! But once again, the beauty of this is you can make them up as you go! create your own, and see where it takes you.



4. Memo Board

I have one of these in every room! Great for holding important info, and appointments (and the odd shopping list or two), but also great as a statement feature with carefully selected pictures in it. I find the easiest way to make these is to find a cheap cork board, and cover with any fabric of your choice securing with super glue. Then placing the ribbon across in a criss-cross pattern, securing with drawing pins at the joins and glue at the edge. I always cover the pins with buttons as well! The below french-style example is from Everyday-art.



5. Crochet Blanket

My absolute Favourite, I love Crochet (in case no one had guessed?!) and there is nothing better than wrapping up in a beautiful handmade crochet blanket. They’re the berfect gift for every occasion, and a lovely addition to any room. There are so many styles out there, from loads of styles of granny squares to chevrons, to afgans – they sky’s the limit. All of the below are from Pinterest – there are so many tutorials/free patterns out there.

 bf4c78de9e71bec7eb3c158a017f3fbc  ff7ff3dd2ac30f71b9240da5d4308d2ff5e00d9fb210af4ce0fe4bf307a5d2f37b84a23e6587291ac49b59c96064b4d2


Well I hope you’ve gained some inspiration from this list of my favourite makes for the home. I hope you all get making in preparation for the colder months ahead,


Happy Crafting x


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