Less than 20 weeks until Christmas – Quick Christmas Makes

Good Day Crafters,

With less than 20 weeks until Christmas I firmly believe that it’s time to start getting on top of all the projects you have planned for Christmas. If you’re anything like me you’ll have complied a list the length of you arm by this time of year, and having learnt from previously unfinished cross stitches that were only started in mid-November – I’m looking to get started now!

1. Crochet Wreath

I love this idea, and in the past have made little ones like this to go on the tree and for little presents when invited to a Christmas party. But I have also made large ones, using those polystyrene wreath hoops you can get from most craft stores. These make for a great homemade touch – and everyone always wants one of their own. Little ones take no time at all, so this is a perfect quick Christmas make to start with. Pattern from Whiskers and Wool

Christmas Wreath re

2. Cristmas House Cross Stitch

For me, there is little better than sitting in on a long Winter evening cross stitching away – and this pattern is lovely. When done on a large count aida, it takes little more than a few hours and can really add to the homely feel or makes a great gift (I did this one for my GrandMother last year).


3. Paper Christmas Trees

These are so simple to make, and something great to do with the kids (whether big or small, my finace helped me make these for our Christmas table last year!).


First make a cone out of card, just rolled up and taped (cut the bottom so that it stands flat). Then select the paper you want to use, I would normally use Christmas wrapping paper. Cut strips about 2 inches thick, and long enough to wrap around your cone. Next cut slits into the paper strips, about 1/2 of the way through (this also helps the paper to bend without ripping). Then just start at the bottom, and work you way up sticking each of the strips on, making sure they overlap. Then simply add a topper of your choice, and buttons or sequins to make the ornamnets.

4. Crochet Christmas tree ornaments

There are so many great patterns out there, free and ones to be paid for. Some of my favouite below;


The pattern for the above snowflakes is a good place to start – I love this one from LyubavaCrochet


These classic Gingerbread people are also always a hit – I made lots last year, all with differnt scarves and buttons ect – I use this pattern from Bella Crochet as a base and then customise it to give it my own style.

Another great example, are these trees – They make a great addition, adding a touch of the modern homemade style, i’ve used sequins and little bells on these instead of the beads in the picture. This pattern is from Koala


And the great thing is none of these decs will take more than an hour to complete, and will add a unique spin on your Christmas Festivities.

5. Felt Poinsttia


This is a great gift idea, or just something to keep the festivites at full swing through the season. They don’t need feeding and watering, and won’t die when the heating is cranked up. A fantastic idea, and something to brighten every room – full tutorial from BHG


Well I hope you’ve enjoed my quick Christmas makes, a little something to get you in the mood! I know I am. Now I’m off to get started on some of those lovely crochet wreaths.


Happy Crafting x


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