5 can’t-miss Summer makes

Good Evening Crafters,

Now, I cannot wait to start on Winter and Christmas crafting as soon as the evenings start to draw in again. But I had to share these 5 gorgeous Summer makes!

1. Bunting Lanterns

These are super easy to make, but so effective and they won’t cost the earth! Creating that Summer “Garden Party” feel (Picture from Country Living)


Washi tape is now available in most good craft shops, however with a little bit more work ribbon could also be used. First, place strips of wide tape onto white paper, then cut out the bunting triangles about 1 inch at their widest point. Press the “pennants” to a thinner strip of tape  to create bunting, and then wrap it around a lantern. They’ve done it in a casual, overlapping pattern, but however you want it will look great – you could also coordinate the colour of the occassion.


2. Picnic Caddy

This is such a sweet idea, and could be adjusted to store anything – from paint brushes to knitting needles to Action figures! Full Tutorial  – Snowy Bliss



3. Beach Towel Bag (That you can sunbathe on!)

This is ingenious! A bag to take to the beach, that then folds out to be used to lie on. Really simple (and machine washable!)


You will need 1 Bath sized towel and 1 hand towel and a few other easy to get items – full tutorial at MarthaStewart

4. Twisted Summer head band

Great for getting the hair out of your face and cooling off, and adding a touch of 20’s glam!  All you need is 2 Stretchy head bands to start,


First, find the seam (the short one, not the one that runs the entire circumference of the headband) on the first headband and cut along it so you have a strip of fabric. Place this through the other headband (still a loop). Then, stitch the 2 open end of the cut headband back together, the two headbands will now be interlocking. Next, find the 2 short seams (the one you have just re-joined and the one on the second headband), and sew these together, making sure not to twist them, or turn them inside out. I try to hide these stitches by stiching straight through both into the consealed gap that the headbands create. And Voilà!

5. Crochet Heart Bunting

Summer would not be complete without bunting, and crochet being one of my favourite things, I think this is amazing, full free tutorial by JamMade . This is going on my “to make this weekend” list!


Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed my top 5 not-to-miss summer makes, Feel free to share any of your favourites

Happy Crafting x


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