I love Rainy weekends

I love rainy weekends, regardless of the time of year. Now, as myself and Fiance’ have no childen the thought of staying all weekend is fantastic! I’m sure for those of you with little ones, it may not have the same allure, keeping the tots contained for 48 hours. For me…it signals a weekend of potential and opportunity, and by that I mean crafting. What will I have achieved by sunday evening? what new skill could I have learnt? Staying in (maybe not for the entire of the weekend, I do like some fresh air!), is a dream!

I started cross stitching just under a year ago, and that is when my life got alot more interesting. When you’re in your early 20’s, you’re meant to go out and party every night, but reality is I have no problem saying to anyone “I can’t believe it, it’s taken me ages, but I can now do the perfect French Knot!”. I completely unashamedley love being a crafter, and people do double take when I’m sat in a coffee shop with my Crochet, but I don’t care! I think if you do something that giVes you satisfaction and joy, then keep doing it regardless of what others believe. So I love seeing that rain trickle down the window pane, and sidling into the Craft Room with a cup of Earl Grey and letting the weekend drift on past me in a haze of ribbon and buttons.

Happy Crafting x


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