A new crafter in a very crafty world!

Introduction – I’ve always been a maker, the kind of person who looks at something and says “I could make that”, but following my graduation, whilst settling into “grown-up” life I became aware of the possibilities out there, and thus began my new obsession.

I was instantly overwelmed by all the choice, there is now a craft for everything and all the new sites to help you along the way – now in 30 mins you can learn how to crochet or cross stitch using youtube. The doors are now open to all and it’s come along way from sitting with my Nan learning to knit!   And so it began, slowly I began to buy bits and bobs, and made my first patchwork quilt, and then it started spiralling not so slowly! We now have a dedicated craft room in our house (my fiance’ paints models), and I have cupboards and boxes and drawers full to the brim with potential, with quilting, and cross stitch and crochet and all manner of lovely things just waiting to me made. I love the variety of styles, there is always something for everyone in the world of craft, I particularly love “Ironic” cross stitch, like the Grumpy Cat below (That I did and gave to my teenage brother who loved it!, needle work isn’t just for Granny now!

This love has taken over my life, I would rather be crafting than anything else…so naturally the progression is to shout that love for all to hear (or read), so here goes!

Craft reviews, Ideas, and inspiration to follow,


Happy Crafting x4a689b3e986e3b36d6ae2078defae763



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